Date/PromotionLocationMatch Result
1/1Atlanta, GAlost to Ron Garvin
1/6Atlanta, GAw/ Terry Taylor, beat Italian Stallion & Tommy Angel
1/14Fishman, VAbeat Ron Simmons
1/16Philadelphia, PAw/ Dick Murdoch & Kevin Sullivan, beat Sting, Ron Simmons & Kendall Windham
1/24Orlando, FLw/ The Terminator, lost to Brad Armstrong & Ricky Santana
1/28Harrisonburg, VAbeat Mark Fleming
2/9Albany, GAbeat Ron Garvin
02/Atlanta, GAbeat David Isley (aired 2/13)
02/Atlanta, GAbeat Joe Cruz (aired 2/14)
02/Atlanta, GAbeat George South (aired 2/20)
Promoter Jerry Jarrett:
2/27Memphis, TNw/ Doug Gilbert, double DQ vs. Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis
2/29Memphis, TNdouble count-out vs. Steve Keirn
3/4Houston, TXvs. Shane Douglas
Promoter Jerry Jarrett:
3/5Jonesboro, ARlost to Jerry Lawler by DQ
3/7Memphis, TNbeat Ken Wayne
3/14Memphis, TNbeat Ken Wayne
3/14Memphis, TNbeat Jerry Lawler by DQ
3/21Memphis, TNbeat Jerry Lawler
3/28Memphis, TNlost to Jerry Lawler
Central States Wrestling:
3/31Kansas City, KSlost to Dave Peterson
Promoter Jerry Jarrett:
5/2Memphis, TNbeat Jerry Lawler
5/9Memphis, TNlost to Bill Dundee
Continental Wrestling Federation:
5/11Huntsville, ALbeat Danny Davis
5/18Meridian, MSbeat Danny Davis
6/1Meridian, MSbeat Shane Douglas by DQ
6/16Ozarklost to Mr. Olympia by DQ
7/29Columbusbeat Jerry Lawler by DQ
8/27Dothan, ALw/ Dutch Mantel & Paul E. Dangerously, beat Austin Idol, The Bullet & Willie B. Hert
8/28Montgomery, ALlost to Austin Idol by DQ
9/4Montgomery, ALlost to Johnny Rich by DQ
9/4Montgomery, ALw/ Paul E. Dangerously, lost to Burrhead Jones & Willie B. Hert
Central States Wrestling:
9/16Kansas City, KSdrew Chris Adams
World Championship Wrestling:
10/Atlanta, GAbeat Trent Knight (aired 10/15)
10/15Philadelphia, PAlost to Kevin Sullivan
10/16Baltimore, MDdrew Larry Zbyszko
10/20Saginaw, MIw/ Ron Simmons, beat Larry Zbyszko & Al Perez
10/21Detroit, MIbeat Kevin Sullivan by reverse decision
10/Atlanta, GAbeat Gary Royal (aired 10/22)
10/27Jackson, MSbeat Larry Zbyszko
10/Atlanta, GAbeat Tommy Angel (aired 10/29)
10/30Alexandria, LAbeat Russian Assassin I by DQ
11/1Savannah, GAw/ Ron Simmons, lost to Butch Miller & Luke Williams
11/2Atlanta, GAbeat Mike Jackson
11/10Johnstown, PAlost to Kevin Sullivan
11/11Pittsburgh, PAlost to Steve Williams
11/12Columbus, OHlost to Steve Williams
11/13Huntington, WVlost to Steve Williams
11/14Atlanta, GAbeat David Isley
11/16Raleigh, NCbeat Italian Stallion
11/24Atlanta, GAw/ Ron Simmons, beat Trent Knight & Bob Emory
11/25Charlotte, NCw/ Italian Stallion, Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers, lost to Al Perez, Rip Morgan, Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose
11/29Las Vegas, NVw/ Bam Bam Bigelow, lost to Ric Flair & Barry Windham
11/30San Francisco, CAw/ Bam Bam Bigelow, lost to Ric Flair & Barry Windham
12/1Albuquerque, NMw/ Bam Bam Bigelow, beat Barry Windham & J.J. Dillon
12/3Houston, TXw/ Bam Bam Bigelow, lost to Ric Flair & Barry Windham
12/4Lubbock, TXbeat Ted Heath
12/5Atlanta, GAw/ Ron Simmons, beat Big Bear Collie & Mike Justice
12/7Chattanooga, TNw/ Ron Simmons, lost to Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers
(U.S. Tag Team title tournament final)
12/8Atlanta, GAbeat Mike Jackson
12/10Philadelphia, PAlost to Barry Windham
12/11Richmond, VAw/ Rick Steiner, lost to Steve Williams & Mike Rotunda
12/12Atlanta, GAvs. Barry Windham
12/12Atlanta, GAbeat Trent Knight
12/16Winston Salem, NCw/ Rick Steiner, double count-out vs. Steve Williams & Mike Rotunda
12/25Charlotte, NClost to Ric Flair (NWA World - 1st Flair/Gilbert singles match)
12/26Norfolk, VAlost in Bunkhouse Stampede Battle Royal