Date/PromotionLocationMatch Result
Promoter Jerry Jarrett:
1/7Memphis, TNbeat Cody Michaels
2/11Memphis, TNlost to Jerry Lawler by DQ
2/16Dallas, TXlost to Jerry Lawler by DQ
2/18Memphis, TNw/ Eric Embry, lost to Jerry Lawler & Jeff Jarrett
2/22Dallas, TXlost to Jeff Jarrett by DQ
2/25Memphis, TNw/ Jerry Lawler, lost to Eric Embry & Tom Prichard
Tri-State Wrestling Alliance:
3/2Philadelphia, PAlost to Cactus Jack (Falls Count Anywhere match)
Promoter Jerry Jarrett:
3/4Memphis, TNw/ Jeff Jarrett, lost to Eric Embry & Tom Prichard
3/11Memphis, TNw/ Jeff Jarrett, no contest vs. Eric Embry & Tom Prichard (Texas Death Steel Cage match)
3/18Memphis, TNw/ Jeff Jarrett, Jerry Lawler & Jackie Fargo, beat Eric Embry, Tom Prichard, Tojo Yamamoto & The Texas Hangmen
3/25Memphis, TNw/ Jeff Jarrett, lost to The Texas Hangmen
3/26Louisville, KYw/ Jeff Jarrett, lost to The Texas Hangmen
(Lost Jarrett & Jerry Lawler's USWA Tag Team titles)
4/1Memphis, TNw/ Jeff Jarrett, beat The Texas Hangmen
4/8Memphis, TNw/ Steve Keirn, beat The Texas Hangmen by DQ
4/9Louisville, KYw/ Jeff Jarrett, beat The Texas Hangmen
4/15Memphis, TNlost to Eric Embry by DQ
4/20Nashville, TNlost to Eric Embry by DQ
4/22Memphis, TNlost to Eric Embry (Chain match)
4/23Louisville, KYdouble DQ vs. Eric Embry
4/29Memphis, TNdouble DQ vs. Eric Embry (Chain match)
Tri-State Wrestling Alliance:
5/4Newark, DEbeat Buddy Landell
Promoter Jerry Jarrett:
5/6Memphis, TNbeat Eric Embry by DQ
5/13Memphis, TNno contest vs. Tony Anthony
Tri-State Wrestling Alliance:
5/18Philadelphia, PAno contest vs. Cactus Jack (Barbed wire match)
Promoter Jerry Jarrett:
5/20Memphis, TNlost to Tony Anthony by DQ
5/25Jonesboro, ARdouble DQ vs. Tom Prichard
5/27Memphis, TNbeat Tony Anthony
6/3Memphis, TNw/ Doug Gilbert, beat Eric Embry & Tom Prichard by DQ
6/10Memphis, TNw/ Doug Gilbert, lost to Eric Embry & Carl Styles
6/17Memphis, TNbeat Carl Styles
6/18Louisville, KYw/ Doug Gilbert, beat Eric Embry & Samu (aka Sabu)
7/3Evansville, INbeat Samu (aka Sabu)
Tri-State Wrestling Alliance:
8/3Philadelphia, PAlost to Cactus Jack (Falls Count Anywhere match)
8/3Philadelphia, PAbeat Cactus Jack (Stretcher match)
8/3Philadelphia, PAdouble DQ vs. Cactus Jack (Cage match)
Global Wrestling Federation:
8/23Dallas, TXbeat Steve Cox
Promoter J.D. MacKay:
8/24Pontotoc, MSw/ Doug Gilbert, beat Ken Massey & Sheik Abdullah
8/24Pontotoc, MSWon a Battle royal
Global Wrestling Federation:
8/30Dallas, TXbeat Rick Garren
8/30Dallas, TXbeat Reno Riggins
8/30Dallas, TXlost to Handsome Stranger (Marcus Bagwell) by DQ
9/11Nagoya, Japanlost to The Iceman
9/12Yokkaichi, Japanw/ Tom Prichard, beat Kimura & Kanemura
9/13Matsuzaki, Japanw/ Tom Prichard, beat Danny Davis & Toi
9/19Tokyo, Japanw/ Tom Prichard, drew The Headhunters
9/20Isezaki, Japanw/ Tom Prichard, beat Saito & Toi
Tri-State Wrestling Alliance:
9/21Philadelphia, PAw/ Madusa, beat Cactus Jack & Luna Vachon
Global Wrestling Federation:
10/4Dallas, TXbeat John Tatum
10/4Dallas, TXbeat Handsome Stranger
(Won the GWF Television title tournament final)
Promoter Jerry Jarrett:
10/7Memphis, TNlost to Jerry Lawler by DQ
Global Wrestling Federation:
10/11Dallas, TXbeat Terry Garvin
10/19Dallas, TXbeat Rick Garren
10/19Dallas, TXbeat Bill Irwin by DQ
Tri-State Wrestling Alliance:
10/26Pine Hill, NJdouble DQ vs. Kevin Sullivan
Global Wrestling Federation:
11/1Dallas, TXbeat Terry Garvin
12/6Dallas, TXbeat Gary Young
12/13Dallas, TXbeat Ben Jordan
12/13Dallas, TXlost to Terry Garvin (non-title)
12/20Dallas, TXbeat Chris Michaels
12/20Dallas, TXdouble DQ vs. Terry Garvin
12/27Dallas, TXbeat Terry Garvin (Best of 3 falls)