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Eddie Gilbert's Biography
(courtesy the April 2000 issue of Wrestle America/Wrestling Bad Guys)

Wrestling was in Eddie Gilbert's blood, which he shed plenty of during his glorious--and sometimes gruesome--career ... Young Gilbert was a frequent participant at wrestling conventions throughout the South during the late-1970s ... Handed out black-and-white glossies of his dad, Tommy Gilbert ... In 1978, wrote his first column for Tennessee's Henderson County Times called "Gilbert On The Git" ... No, there was no doubting Eddie's good-'ol-boy roots ... Debuted on April 20, 1979. Appeared on Memphis television the next day ... Graduated from Lexington (Tennessee) High School on May 18, 1979 ... Became a mainstay in the Volunteer State as a frequent tag team partner of his father ... Eddie and Tommy won the WWC North American tag team title together ... Received his first taste of national stardom when he entered the WWF in 1981 ... His hopes and dreams crashed--literally ... A car accident put Gilbert in the hospital for several months, with particularly serious damage to his neck and back ... With intense physical therapy and assistance from WWF champ Bob Backlund, Gilbert finally was able to return to action ... Masked Superstar executed several neckbreakers on Gilbert, sending the youngster back to Bedpan City ... Backlund cried as he held Gilbert's hand in the ambulance ... No wonder Gilbert got off to such a bad start ... Tired of being treated with little or no respect, Gilbert returned to the Mid-Southern area in 1984 ... Anybody would get tired of Backlund's boo-hooing ... The Fabulous Ones, the area's top stars at the time, departed for Florida--and left a huge void ... Jackie Fargo, their manager, formed The New Fabulous Ones, comprised of Gilbert and Tommy Rich ... They captured the vacant Mid-Southern tag team title in a one-night tournament ... Things got ugly when Phil Hickerson and The Mid-Southern Spoiler attacked Eddie's younger brother, Doug, who was taking photographs at ringside ... Lost the belts to Hickeerson and Spoiler ... Then Gilbert saw the light ... Jimmy Hart was the guy holding the torch ... Bloodied Rich with a cowboy boot and joined Hart's First Family ... Bludgeoned Rich with a chain en route to winning the Mid-Southern International title ... Beat his childhood idol, Jerry Lawler, for the Mid-Southern heavyweight title in 1985 ... Moved to the UWF in 1986 and founded Hot Stuff International ... Wooed Missy Hyatt from John Tatum ... Hyatt and Hot Stuff International was born ... They were married a few years later ... Was also married to Madusa for a while, by the way ... captured the UWF TV championship ... Lost it to young Shane Douglas in a stunning upset ... Held the UWF tag team title with his protégé, Sting ... Sting and his stablemate, Rick Steiner, soon left "Hot Stuff" ... The Gilbert vs. Sting feud continued in the NWA throughout the late-'80s ... Made trips to the USWA at every opportunity to throw fireballs at Lawler ... Beat Jeff Jarrett for the USWA Southern title in October 1990 ... Enlisted the aid of Terry Funk to destroy Lawler, but that didn't work either ... Also tried running "The King" over with his car ... Engaged in gory feud with Cactus Jack in the Tri-State Wrestling Alliance ... Entered the GWF in 1991 and defeated Handsome Stranger (Buff Bagwell) for the vacant TV championship and later beat the Dark Patriot for the North American title ... Defended the belt all over the country, including a few more swings through the USWA ... Following a '92 stint in Japan's W*ING promotion, Eddie won the USWA title twice that year, defeating Jerry Lawler and Rick Morton, respectively ... When Tri-State folded, Gilbert became a pioneer in Eastern Championship Wrestling, which later became Extreme Championship Wrestling ... He and The Dark Patriot beat Salvatore Bellomo and The Sandman for the ECW tag team championship in August 1993 ... Feuded with Lawler and Brian Christopher throughout 1994, but, during a brief reconciliation, enjoyed a one-week USWA tag title reign with Christopher ... Wrestled in his last match in Humacao, Puerto Rico, on February 17, 1995 ... Gilbert, only 33 years old, died of a massive heart attack in his sleep early the next morning ... We proudly induct the ever-youthful Eddie Gilbert into the BAD GUYS Hall of Fame.

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