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"Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert Photo Gallery #3

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poster circa 1980 (credit: Patrick Palmer) poster circa 1982 (credit: Patrick Palmer) young Eddie in WWF 1996 PWI almanac 1996 PWI almanac
1997 PWI almanac 1998 PWI almanac 2000 PWI almanac Eddie running for County Clerk in 1994 Eddie with The Lightning Kid (X-Pac) (credit: Bob Collins)
Eddie makes a point (credit: Bob Collins) Eddie closeup (credit: Bob Collins) Eddie with the USWA belt (credit: Bob Collins) Eddie auctioning off his robe (credit: Bob Collins) Front of the robe (credit: Bob Collins)
Close-up of the robe (credit: Bob Collins) Sequined butterfly on robe (credit: Bob Collins) Eddie's autograph on robe (credit: Bob Collins) Eddie when he was in Tri-State (Philly) circa the early 90's (credit: Mike Isgar) Eddie w/ Ranger Ross
from February 92 PWI from February 92 PWI from July 95 PWI from July 95 PWI from July 95 PWI

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please e-mail me at:
Thank you!

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